The Exhibition

For the end of last term and the beginning of this term, year 6 have been taking part in a long-term group project called “The Exhibition”. The idea that all of our inquiries were based on was that peace and conflict affect our world. We wrote down preferences of what topics we wanted to research to […]

Weekly Quotes #3

Hi guys, Sorry I haven’t been doing the weekly quotes. I’ll try to do them this term. This week’s quote is:

Government and Power

This term in UOI (Unit of Inquiry), we have been learning about government, power and politics. I have made a website that explains the differences between the three levels of government in Australia. If you would like to view it, click here. I hope you enjoy my wesite and that you learn something new! 😀

Passion Project #6

Today was the final exhibition of the Passion Projects. I thought mine went pretty well. I showed all of my recipes (with my own pictures), a bit of information about the origin of each roll and an iMovie that I made of all of my progress. Here is the link to my video. Some of the […]

Weekly Quotes!

Hi guys, I have decided to start posting quotes every week. From now on, I will try to post a quote every week. Feel free to request one for me to post. This week’s quote is:

Passion Project #5

This week I made Vietnamese Rolls. To start off, I placed the vermicelli noodles in a heatproof bowl and poured boiling water over them to soften them. I cut up the cucumber and carrot into small pieces. To make the marinade, I mixed together fish sauce, brown sugar, garlic, sweet chilli sauce and chopped lemongrass […]

Passion Project #4

This week, I made both Spring Rolls and Cannoli. To make the Spring Rolls, I placed the vermicelli noodles in a heatproof bowl and poured boiling water over them to soften them. I stir-fried the onion, garlic, carrot and cabbage in a wok and added in vermicelli noodles, water chestnuts and soy sauce to make the […]

Passion Project #3

This week, I made sausage rolls. To start off, I grated and chopped the vegetables and combined them with both the chicken and sausage minces, egg, breadcrumbs and seasoning. I cut the puff pastry sheets in half and placed a portion of the mince mixture down the centre of the sheets. I brushed the sides […]

Passion Project #2

This week, I made teriyaki chicken sushi rolls. Some of the rolls had avocado in them and others had cucumber. First I marinated the chicken in teriyaki sauce. I chopped the chicken, avocado and cucumber into strips and mixed sushi seasoning into the cooked sushi rice. I placed the nori (seaweed for sushi) onto a […]

Passion Project #1

The Passion Project is a long-term project that you do in year six at my school. You choose an activity that you are passionate about and create something related to that topic. You need to learn something from the activity over one term. During this process you learn much more about this passion and improve […]

Morse Code

In UOI (Unit of Inquiry) we have been researching about a form of communication of our choice. We had to present our historical findings in a creative and engaging way. I chose to research about Morse Code and present in in a Prezi. Click here to see my Prezi. Just use the arrow keys or […]

Carols Concert

Last night, I went to the carols concert at my school. I performed in both choir and band. In the band, I played the trombone. I am in the Junior School Band but we also joined up with the Senior School Band. We played four short carols which were Silent Night, Joy to the world, Hark! The herald […]

Tennis Week Seven

Yesterday I played tennis for my school again. This week was the last week for the year of playing school sport. It was hot and there were lots of flies again. I played doubles with Anna again and we tied both of our matches 4-4. In my singles I lost 3-1. In the end, it was […]

Nkayi, Zimbabwe House Project

In UOI (Unit of Inquiry), we have been designing and making scale models of houses in less fortunate places of the world in groups of four or five. In my group there is Daisy, Char, Natalya and I. The place that we are researching is Nkayi, Zimbabwe. Some of the facts that we found about […]

My favourite series of 2016 – Ruby Redfort

I have read lots of different books this year but my favourite series of them all has to be the Ruby Redfort series. This series is written by Lauren Child who is also the author of the books Clarice Bean and Charlie and Lola. Ruby Redfort books hook you in right from the first sentence. […]

School Survey!

This week, for the Student Blogging Challenge, the challenge is to write a post about school. I have decided to make another survey, only this time it is about school. The results will come in a later post. Here is the survey if you would like to fill it out: Loading…Thank you to everyone who filled […]

Blogging Survey Results

As you may already know, I have created a Survey about Blogging. We have had ten people respond to it and here are the results: What is your favourite part of blogging? Seeing all the posts other people do. Writing for a wide audience Making new friends Typing My favourite part of blogging is being […]

Tennis Week Six

This morning I played tennis for school for the fourth time. Sadly last week was washed out but we played this week. There were lots of flies this week. I played doubles with Anna this week and we won both of our matches 6-2. I won my singles 3-1. Our team won or tied all […]

Count Out Three!

As a challenge for the Student Blogging Challenge, I have visited three blogs and commented on them. The first blog I visited is Natalie’s Blog where I commented on her about me page. Next, I commented on Lucia’s Blog where I commented on her Learning and Achievements. The last blog I commented on was Hannah’s Blog where I commented […]

Blogging Survey

I have decided to make a survey on blogging that I would like my visitors to fill out. Please fill out the survey below if you would like to participate. I will post the results in a later post but I won’t label who wrote what in case you don’t want others to know what […]

Tennis Week Four

This morning was my team’s third tennis match (the second week got washed out). It wasn’t as hot as the other weeks but there were many flies and it was very windy. As it was so windy, a lot of shots and especially serves went out. This week I played with Mia for doubles. In our […]